Its Thanksgiving, and I can honestly say that I am THANKFUL.This has been a big weekend, not a milestone, just big…really big, and this is why.

You see, this weekend was the culmination of what has been a two year journey. I packed up my bags, and moved to Toronto with my girlfriend. We will be living here for the next month until we move on to GuangZhou China where we will spend the next three months while I model and Ellen develops her photography portfolio.

Thinking back on how it is that I got here, I cant help but feel grateful and proud. I am grateful for all of the support, inspiration, motivation and encouragement that my friends and family have afforded me, and am proud that I didn’t squander the opportunities that Ive been given.

This is my first entry, and with it I’ll make this blog live. Ill blog about my experiences as an international model, my ambitions in the world of social entrepreneurship, and in partnership with my talented girlfriend and photographer Ellen (Sumi) Sumono, will try and paint a picture of life on the road, wherever that may be. So, subscribe, stay in touch, start a conversation.

Wrapping up, I’d like to thank you everyone who has played a part in me getting here. This feels like the culmination of many conversations, relationships and decisions and yet I know its just the beginning. So for now, let me simply conclude by expressing how truly THANKFUL I am for being right here, right now.



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