Club 21

An Idea taken from the author of The Happiness Equation, John Hallward:

“Club 21” was started by his grandparents. When each grandchild turned 21 they received a letter from their grandparents with a check for $500. The letter said happy birthday – here is $500 but it is not for you! The letter went on to explain that the money had to go to 5 separate charities. They had to choose two charities in the province that they lived, two in the province of Quebec where they grew up and one anywhere else. The grandchild then had to write a letter to the grandparents explaining which charity they gave to and why. Once the task was finished they were welcomed to “Club 21”, and received another $500 check to spend on themselves.

Whether you’re giving $50, $500, or $5000 as a birthday present or for Christmas ,it doesn’t matter. What matters is the lesson you are teaching. Compassion, thoughtfulness and kindness are all values that we can’t start teaching soon enough!


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