Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Well here we go, time for the real deal. I arrived in Hong Kong 48 hours ago and since then have made use of at least 5 mediums of transportation.

What a city. This isn’t my first time here but it is my first time living and working here. I’ve always felt that traveling through a city is a completely different experience from living in it for an extended period of time. Thankfully ive had opportunities to live in Berlin and Tokyo and those two cities are among my favorite cities, largely because I called them both home for a short period of time.

Ive been put up in Wan Chai and am staying in…wait for it…”Model’s Accomodation”…that’s right, just like in the movie Zoolander. Actually, it’s nothing like it at all. I share a tiny apartment with another guy, who, from what I can tell, spends at least half of his day in bed sleeping.  For those of you who know the movie, thus far I haven’t experienced any gasoline fights or orange mocha frappuccino parties.

I went straight to work the day after I landed and have had castings for Bossini, a shoe company, suit company and have a casting for Calvin Klein underwear this afternoon. Depending on how busy I stay here, I’ll be off to Guangzhao soon. There is much more work there but it doesn’t pay as well. In that respect it’s a bit of a toss up as to where is better to work. For a new model like myself, it’s cheaper to live on the Mainland and since I’ll be able to live with Ellen again (we have our own apartment), I think it will be a good home base.

The energy is amazing and the food looks so good. The smells and sounds just take over and I’m so happy just wandering through the alleys and streets. I wont be able to workout until I get to Guangzhou so I’m watching the old diet, and that is hard, but that’s just the way it’s gotta be!

I don’t have wireless Internet yet, so these posts willbe a l title spotty until Iget regular service.

Keep loving life and thanks for reading!



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