Hong Kong –> Guangzhao

Well, it’s been a full week since I left Toronto and since then I’ve experienced a great deal. Now thanks to the beauty of technology, I can start sharing my thoughts with you, all the way from China! Though for some reason sometimes I cant access Twitter all of the time.

As you all know, I’m in China to model. My agency in China is called Models HK International, and they have two branches, one in HK and one in GZ, which is two hours away by train. HK is considered a “money market”, meaning that as a model you earn more per hour on average per job. The downside is that unless you’re established, there is less work. GZ is the opposite.

As a model for this agency, they have me living in GZ where the cost of living is cheaper and there is more work. Before arriving in GZ however, I landed in HK. Ellen my girlfriend wasn’t allowed to stay with me in the models house located in Wan Chai, so we found a home for her in Kowloon where it’s cheaper to stay. Unfortunately, her hostel was overrun by really shady Black and Arab men (more on her experience at Chung King Mansions here).

I was in HK for about three full days, and went to a total of 6 castings. The clients included Bossini, Calvin Klein underwear and a shoe company Unfortunately I don’t think I booked any of them. That being said it was nice to even be considered for Calvin Klein underwear!!

Having had no luck, and since Ellen and I weren’t able to stay together, the agency decided it best to send me to GZ. I found out about the move Wednesday evening, and we were expected to be on the train the next day (Short notice is something you encounter quite a bit of in this industry).

So here we are, though only 2 hours away from HK, we are worlds away from the creature comforts of HK, where you can at least communicate with people.

Our little apartment is very basic, and is best described as a hotel room, with a sink and hot plate. We have however made a few purchases that are going to make life here a little easier for the next three months. One of these purchases was made by Ellen, who bought a goldfish whom we’ve named Bruce Lee!

This was a longer post than I’ll normally write, but now at least you’re cought up with where I’m at in the world. Don’t hesitate to Skype, email, or use Facebook or twitter to get in touch!

Love life!



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