What a view! From my hotel here in Athens city centre (Hotel Orion), Ive got an unobstructed view of the Acropolis, and a birds eye view of the city itself. At night its just as  amazing. It seems to tower over Athens, and you cant help but wonder at how long it has been doing just that, and at all the people that have gazed up at it over the centuries.

Ive been here almost two weeks now and have finished all of the video castings Ive been asked to do. From here on in its a waiting game until my agency (X-Ray) tells me what comes next. They in turn are waiting to heart from the studios who shot the videos, who themselves need to hear from the actual clients who would be using me.

Syntagma Square

The videos only take one or two minutes to shoot. I get asked a few questions about my life, am told to spin around a few times, pose a little and that’s that. Their clients use this as the basis on which they hire a model. This is obviously not the best time to be here though, and there doesn’t seem to be much work. I had a casting for a fashion catalogue last week, and yesterday I had a Men’s Health casting which I may or may not get. The main thing models hope to achieve from being in Greece, is “Book Development” which means they want to improve their portfolio. Certain markets are known for this, and Athens is one of them. Its usually an early career stop for a new model.


I’ve gotten to see quite a bit of the city since I rely on public transit to get around. I’m given 2-3 castings per day and sent on my way. Its amazing how you can spend 8 hours or more commuting and when you get home at night, you think…wow…I travelled sooo far, all for 3 MINUTES OF CASTING!

The most striking part of Athens is the graffiti. It is everywhere, and absolutely no building is immune from the can. As a fellow Portuguese model pointed out, it isnt even good graffiti either; most of it is crap. A taxi driver told me that most of the “artists” are soccer hooligans, anarchists or communists. In other words, the cream of the societal crop. Based on the quantity of graffiti, there seem to be quite a few of them out there though.

Two Sundays ago, Ellen, Kartik, and I found ourselves amongst demonstrators protesting the latest austerity measures being voted on. The measures would pass, and violence ensued. For a while we were right in the thick of it, but we moved along before it turned violent. I think you can tell a lot about a crowd based on what they look like. This crowd came equipped with heavy duty gas masks…clearly they were prepared, which we were not. Being tear gassed sucks. There really isn’t an eloquent way of stating that fact.

This past weekend I toured the Acropolis, went to Aegina Island and had a great time at both. The weekend ended with a night at Villa, where we were treated to dinner and drinks by the owner. For the next few days Ill play the waiting game and hope to get a few Editorials, if not that Men’s Health job…  = P

Coffee with Kartik

Oh, I should also add that there an unbelievable number of coffee shops everywhere. More per capita than any other European city to be exact…and if you know me…you know that im LOVING that.

Love Life,


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