30 before 30

Inspired by friends and others who have decided to make a Bucket List, I thought I’d do the same, only with a twist. For those of you who don’t know, a Bucket List is a list of things you want to achieve, do, or have happen, before you die. My list is a little different because it’s a list of things that I want to make happen before I turn 30. For the record, I’ll be 27 on December 2.

We all know that time flies, that’s why making a list helps to focus your energy on the things that matter…for example, learning to do a front flip. So, here is my list thus far. Keep in mind that it’s a work in progress that will constantly be changing to reflect me as a person.

  1. Be featured on the cover of a magazine
  2. Do the Grouse Grind in under 35 minutes and beat my friend Jian Pablico to the top
  3. Learn how to surf in Bali, Indonesia
  4. Get Married
  5. Visit an Ashram and learn how to meditate
  6. Be the Best Man at a wedding
  7. Be both a Maid of Honour and Groomsman at the same wedding 2008- The wedding of Carrie and Jian Pablico in Maui.
  8. Go bungee jumping naked
  9. Learn to speak a third language
  10. Start a business
  11. Go hang gliding
  12. Go skydiving
  13. Road trip across Canada
  14. Eat sushi in Japan that some considered to be the best in the country.
  15. Sit on the Board of a Non-Profit
  16. Learn to sail and charter a sailboat
  17. Spend a morning doing Tai Chi in China January 28, 2011- Rainy Morning Tai Chi session in Guangzhao China.
  18. Go camping with my dad, just the two of us
  19. Have Dim Sum in China December 24, 2011- Treated to Dim Sum by Models HK in Guangzhao China.
  20. Run a Marathon
  21. Meet Blake Mycoskie (Founder of TOMS Shoes)
  22. Learn how to do a front flip
  23. Kidnap my Mom and take her away for the weekend
  24. Have 5 people tell me that Ive inspired them and how (Im at 2 so far)
  25. Be interviewed by a magazine or t.v. show January 2012 – Vancouver Observer
  26. Be asked to be a Godfather

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