Vancouver – Toronto

It’s been roughly two weeks now since I moved away from Vancouver. I hesitate to say that I’ve actually moved to Toronto because I’m only supposed to be here for 6 weeks, but still, 6 weeks is a significant amount of time to be in one place, especially when you’re waiting to go somewhere else.

Ellen and I have been well taken care of. My Mom has put us up and ensured we are comfortable, while Ellen’s friend zigzag’s us through Toronto showing us the sights and sounds. I have yet to get in touch with any of my buddies, but that’s in the works.

Day by day I am also learning a little more about the world of Modeling. I came to Toronto with the understanding that I was an “Option” for one of the Fashion Shows during Toronto Fashion Week. A few days before the show I learned exactly what an “Option” was and that it meant that I was essentially reserved, but not booked. In this instance I wasn’t going to be used, which was a little disappointing but not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

At elite HQ everyone is very positive. This past week I had a shoot with Wally Sparks and Ill be shooting with McKenzie James and Regen Chen this coming week. These shoots are great exposure for me and I’m learning a ton, which is ultimately why I’m here.I need to get as much camera exposure as possible and build a portfolio with brown hair before I hit China!

Unfortunately this past week I was hit by a vicious case of food poisoning (according to the doctor) that has lasted over a week and prevented me from exercising. Hopefully the worst is behind me and I can get back to my routine on Monday.