“It’s not that successful people are givers, its that givers are successful people.”

– Patti Thor

Philanthropy has figured prominently in my life thus far. My mother Shannon von Kaldenberg is a respected leader in the field, and my 5 short years of “the real world” following University have been spent working in the philanthropic sector.

Aside from earning a living however, working in this industry has taught me a great deal about what I value as a person. Having now moved on to modeling, I still find myself fascinated and inspired by philanthropy as an industry but also as a philosophy.

In other words, I love learning about how through philanthropy, we as individuals can have a tremendous impact, how not for profit organizations can address some of the most pressing issues of our time, and quite simply how I can inspire others to make philanthropy a central part of their lives, whatever that means to them.

My hope is that in discussing philanthropy, and posting articles on this blog, that I’ll make you think about what philanthropy means to you, and to perhaps challenge some of your beliefs, or at the very least to start a conversation!


One thought on “Philanthropy

  1. Alexander- I remember your first donation. You were 5 and you gave a handful of nickles to the United Way.

    “The face of philanthropy is diverse and democratic, not the exclusive purview of those with wealth” Karla A. Williams

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