Gun-Control1Its been a while, but m trying to start writing again and have started posting a little using “Medium”, so sometimes Ill post links here that will direct you to my posts there. Here is my first post on the topic of guns in the U.S.

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Send Europeans to Asia to learn how to work – FP News.

People here in China are hungry, but contrary to popular belief, they arent looking for their next meal. No, they are looking for their next “Pot of Gold”. They work long hours, cut corners where they need to and often have little regard for their fellow man. More and more of them are driving nice cars and own multiple properties. Life for many is about making money and working long hard hours. Did you know that education and health care isn’t free in China? I was shocked when I found out how little the State provided for its citizens. The result is that people cant depend on anyone but themselves.

In Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong, people work equally hard and long because they believe if they work hard they will be able to earn the privileges many of us take for granted.

Im thankful our society doesn’t resemble that of China’s or Japan’s or Korea’s but as the linked article explains, we seem to have forgotten the principles which have gotten us to our present level of development. Surely there are many lessons we could be observing and learning from our Asian neighbours.